Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Medical Times and Gazette

The Medical Times and Gazette: "MEDICAL NEWS APOTHECAKIES HALL Name of gentlemen who passed their Examination in the Science and Practice of Medicine and received Certificates to Practise on Thursday April 6 Л 1 пи ТЪпгааз Rutherford Kilmoganny Kilkenny Ireland Drake Thomas Kinjrsclere Haute Egles Gabriel Manning Barcombe Lewes Sussex J Fuiront Samuel Collompton Devon Godfray Charles 1 е Veeconto Jersey Godwin Charles Henry Young Winchester Graham Adolphus Frederick Liverpool Harris Arthur Ben Mevagissey Cornwall Harris William John Worthing Manning Frederick Norton Milton Northampton March Henry Uolley Newbury Berks Merryweather Philip Edward Collins Sydney NSW Mitchell Thomas Carter Bedford Mockridgo John Army Parker George Fisher Henley on Thames Stillwell James Warburton James Pcnnington Betley Newcastle Staffordshire Wise William Clnnle Plumstead Kent Young Edward Parker Heuley on Thames The following gentlem"

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