Wednesday, December 31, 2008

British America By John MacGregor

British America By John MacGregor: "appoint under him for the better administration of justice and keeping the peace of the island The petty jealousies and interests of the fishing admirals merchants and planters prevented Osborne and his successors for a period of twenty years from carrying into execution the objects and regulations contained in their commissions and instructions In the commission of the peace for the island the justices were restrained from proceeding in cases of doubt or difficulty such as robberies murders felonies and all capital offences From this restriction a subject of considerable difficulty and inconvenience arose as persons who had committed capital felonies could only be tried in England and in 1751 a commission was issued to Captain William Francis Drake empowering him to appoint commissioners of oyer and terminer for the trial of felons at Newfoundland In 1742 in consequence of the number of captured "

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