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Drakes of Ashe,
john fulham (View posts) Posted: 12 Jul 2006 12:41AM GMT
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Surnames: Drake of Ashe
The Drakes of Ashe also had a junior family in Ireland, this family are first mentioned in the City of Dublin where John Drake was the Lord Mayor 3 times beging in 1401. They lived in Drakesrath, County Meath and were kinsmen to several Lords, including the Earl of Limerick, Lord Delvin, and Barnewall family of Fingal County Dublin. This family opposed Cromwell and their land was confiscated. However the second King Charles renaged on his pact with the "old English" landowners in Ireland. He refused to return all their properties. They finally lost everything at the Battle of the Boyne, 1690. A junior family from Devonshire went to Cromwell,and prospered, they died out in later. The original family still are found in Ireland today. There was in fact 4 lineages of the ancient Devonshire family in England and Ireland.The surname itself was Draco (the Vanguard or Standard bearer).
A member of the Wilde Geese of the Irish Brigade, Peter Drake,was wounded and captured fighting against the Duke of Marlborough. English Law stated all Irishmen who fought against the English Crown were to be executed. Thi sJohn Churchill saw the wounded Drake coat buttons. He asked him by what right he had to wear such a coat of arms, on his buttons. When told he was a Drake, he granted temporary Pardon and asked the Queen Anne to pardon his cousin.
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