Saturday, September 27, 2008

Drake vs Drake

Lawyers' Reports Annotated By Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company: "October 1 1882 APPEAL by plaintiff from a judgment of the Geueral Term of the Supreme Court First Department affirming a judgment of a Special Term for New York County dismissing tbe complaint in an action brought to set aside a certain portion of the will of Mary Hopeton Drake deceased Affirmed Statement by Follett Ch J May 24 1871 James Drake died at the city of New York seised in fee of eleven houses and lots in that city which were a part of a large estate left by him He left him surviving three sisters Susan A Drake Sarah A Lawrence and Магу М Keese his only heirs At the date of the will and at the time of his death Susan A Drake had seven children then living and Sarah A Lawrence three children then living Mary M Keese hrul no descendants then living Charles N Black a grandson of Sarah A Lawrence born in March "

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